Car Missions

To do a Car Mission, a Car is required.

To start a mission, you must go to the Mission building, located north of "unstick me" place. Inside you will the "Consigliere", He will tell you about Car Missions and give you tasks.


To start a mission after talking to the Consigliere, say "start mission".
Once you say this, a messege should appear in the right-bottom of the screen. This messege will tell you where to go with your car.


Once you reach the location, you will find a person to pick up. Play the horn (click S) for the person to get in your car.


When this person is in your car he/she will tell you where to go next. When you reach the second location play the horn for the person to drop off.
You will get money accordning to the distance from the first location to the second, could vary from 18$ to 80$

Do NOT eject the passenger OR get off the vehicle, the person will drop off by himself.

Note: the person or NPC will only work near the mail boxes, so try to stick around them when you reach the locations.
Also, you can click M to see your map and a red X should appear on the location you're heading to.

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