Available commands for /[command] [params]

Basic commands

/stats - displays your kills and deaths
/itemtrade [account] - requests a trade with [account]
/trade [amount] to [account] - transfer $[amount] to [account]
/male - set gender to male
/female - set gender to female

Display commands

/dmgdisplay - toggles the damage display
/nodmgcolour - toggles the 'No damage' colour
/helpmsg - toggles the help messages when equipping items

Car commands

sell car [amount] - sell your car for $[amount]
/fixcar - try this command if your car has disappeared
/findcar - find your car

Toggle effects

/daynight - toggles the day/night system
/bulletfx - toggles projectile impact sound and graphics

Other commands

/nogangadd - allow/disallow gangs to add you
/hotkey [key] - the strafe key, usually set to 1
/mapview - toggles player display on the map
/party [command] - party commands, type /party help to view the full list
/disabletoguild - enables/disables the /toguild messages
/toguild [message] - sends a message to everybody wearing your guild tag


/msglifetime [seconds] - changes the lifetime of the messages, set it seconds
/msgalign [left | right] - changes where the messages are displayed
/clear - clears the message queue
/dropconfirm - enables/disables the drop confirmation window

To change your look

/belt [colour] Set's your character's belt to [colour]
/coat [colour] Set's your character's coat to [colour]
/shoes [colour] Set's your character's shoes to [colour]
/skin [colour] Set's your character's skin to [colour]
/sleeves [colour] Set's your character's sleeves to [colour]
/stylesaver Displays the style saver. ( If you have purchased it )

Fun Stuff


/2step The 2step dance
/dance A dance.
/dance2 Another dance.
/disco An old dance.
/jump A jumping dance.
/fundance A fun dance.
/mj A Michael Jackson style move.
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