Era Casino

Another way to make money is to play slots.
You can go to The Potluck Pig, located at Southridge; The Casino, located to the top right of Dippin' Donuts; and in the hotel.
Although the slots seems like a way to lose money, it is actually one of the most profitable jobs on Era to do. To do the casino, you must at least have some money to start off with, due to the fact that slots will take up three dollars per try. Although you may seem to lose a lot at first, your patience will be key here as the longer you stay, the more money you make.

Here are the combonations that one must acquire in order to win some sort of cash prize (Note: To win you must get three in a column, row, or diagonally.):

3 jokers: $5
3 cherries: $10
3 pears: $15
3 oranges: $40
3 golden sevens: $400
3 golden hearts: $5000

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