Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What chat commands are there?

Use the /help command to get a listing, or visit the Commands page.

Q: When does (shop) restock?

NPC shops are restocked every Era day, which is every real hour. Depending on the shop it will restock at a different time.

Q: Why the heck is the price for (item) so high?!

Supply and demand. Prices go up if the item goes out of stock.

Q: How can I make money?

Get a job! :)

Q: What is the best job to make money with?

That is for you to decide. Whatever you can do best usually is.

Q: How do you use the trading system?

If you are referring to item trading, you want to /itemtrade <account> (Replace <account> with the account or community name you wish to trade with).

Q: Can a staff watch my trade? I do not want to be scammed.

Use the Item Trade command. See the previous question on how to use it. While in an Item Trade window, only you and the opposite trader can see the trade screen. Do not be fooled into believing that a third party player or staff are viewing the proceedings.

Q: Why is (item) not in stock?

Other players have purchased them all. Items in shops are restocked hourly, get there early! :)

Q: Where can I purchase a Battery?

You can purchase batteries at the Electronic Shop, which is west of the Unstick Me area inside of a small building.

Q: I keep getting killed! What can I do?

Fight back either with guns or melee weapons! The choice is yours.

Q: How can I ride in a car as a passenger?

Simply grab the car after the doors have been opened by the driver.

Q: Where can I sell my minerals?

In one of the mineral shops. See the guide for Jobs.

Q: How do you recycle trash / garbage?

Drop them in a recycle bin. See the guide for Jobs.

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