Flower Picking

Once upon a time, flower picking was the one and only way to earn money in Era. It's still a pretty profitable method, and a good starting point for new players. The flower shop is located east of unstick me.


Flower Basket


  • Equip the flower basket you received from the flower shop.
  • Walk up to a flower or group of flowers on the ground. (A group will take longer to pick up.)
  • Press D to to start picking the flower(s). A percentage will show up over a group to show how long is left till it is picked.
  • Once you have at least 10 of a flower you can sell them to Marygold at the flower shop, left overs will be returned to you.

Flower Prices

Name Price
era_flower-1_1a.png x10 Mums $2
era_flower-3_1a.png x10 Tulips $3
era_flower-4_1a.png x10 Carnations $4
era_flower-2_1a.png x10 Asters $5
era_flower-6_1a.png x10 Sunflowers $5
era_flower-5_1a.png x10 Roses $6


In the back of the flower shop there are tables that allow you to create Bouquets. These are combination of certain flowers worth a lot more money than just selling them in sets of 10.

Name Flowers Price
era_flower-1_1a.pngera_flower-1_1a.pngera_flower-6_1a.pngera_flower-2_1a.png Spectacular Sunflower Bouquet x2 Yellow Mums, x1 Sunflower, x1 Aster $13
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