General Information

Getting Heads, Bodies and Shields uploaded

If you want to get something uploaded, make sure it has the right size and a transparent background.Send everything to moc.liamg|are.laarg.sdaolpu#moc.liamg|are.laarg.sdaolpu.

Days on which staff will upload:
Sunday: Katbot
Tuesday: Gabriel
Thursday: Erik
Saturday: Zeus

Parking your car

There are some general guidlines when parking your car.First, your car should always be parked if you are not near. Also, you shouldn't park your car on other cars or inbetween parking spaces.Having your car parked "safe" doesn't mean it can't be towed! Aslong as you are parking right, it shouldn't be towed though.If you park your car in a forbidden parking zone, it will automatically be towed after 15 minutes.


If you are banned for 30 days or more, you must contest the ban on the support center within the first 30 days. If your request is denied on the support center and you are not unbanned then your currently owned house/apartment may be placed for sale by the NPC Server.

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