Mining can eventually become easy money if you stick to it.




  • Approach a wall in a mine with your drill equipped.
  • Hold A and the direction key of the wall you are drilling.
  • A rock pile will begin to form behind you, continue drilling.
  • Once it appears like the one in the screen shot below, stop drilling and pick up the rock pile by grabbing it.
  • Walk over to the drilling machine, and grab conveyor belt of the machine (The bottom) to drop your rock.
  • There are two lights on the machine, the left one will light up green if a mineral was found inside, otherwise the red one will light up.
  • If a mineral comes out of the machine, grab it and take it up to the E-Mine's Inc. building and drop it on the gray table.
  • Bang! Profit! Now go do it again.


You will gain levels for every rock you successfully drill, and earn special abilities for doing so such as being able to deposit more rocks into a mining machine at once, and being able to drill much faster than your previous level. Drill more, make more money.

Mining For A Business

Several businesses like Ammo Mart, Gun Point, and PyroTech depend on minerals such as Lead & Iron. They will thus hire you to mine these minerals for them and pay you handsomely. Usually more than E-Mines Inc. will.

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