January 23rd (10) - Era Hotel Auction


During this weekend, Era will be holding an auction for the Era Hotel! Log on now, check out the hotel, and place a bid! The auction will end Monday, January 25th at 8:00 PM EST.

October 3rd (09) - Era Gang Event


On Saturday, October 3rd at approximately 4:30 PM EST, Era will hold a series of gang events involving all four of Era's gangs: Black Holst, Los Carteles, Tachi, and Blazian Bandits.

Events will range from King of the Hill to Team Deathmatch, so, gang leaders, come prepared!

Note that gangs will need at least 8 members online in order to participate.

September 28th (09) - Era - Spar System Updates


The Era staff team has recently released a new spar complex. The new spar complex features leaderboards, trophies, personal stats, and champions. Log on Era and visit the Spar Complex to try out the new spars!

August 17th (09) - Era Support Center

Era's staff team have released a new in-game Support Center! This is to resolve the complaints of the unanswered PMs, problems unsolved, etc. This will hopefully help ensure that questions directed towards staff members are answered quickly.

Along with the support center comes the removal of FAQs, and the switch from GP to Player Relations staff. You can contact the Player Relations team for both FAQ and police-related problems. The reason for the switch is because they will be doing more than just "police" work, and "Player Relations" is much easier to identify as someone who is there to help than "GP".

To open the Support Center click F11 on your keyboard and this box will appear.


You can report any GP related information but you can also report things such as.

Bug reports
Complaints about staff or development
Ideas and suggestions
Problems with gangs/businesses
Any other problem that requires real attention
Discussion about this new Support Center is here.

August 16th (09) - Era - Battle of the Bands II


Now the third time you've seen this stage on the news, by now you know there's only one thing that can be happening: Era's hosting another Battle of the Bands! On Sunday, August 16th at 3:00 PM EST, the Comic Club will play host to a contest of rock 'n roll skill, the likes of which have been seen only once before. Free admittance will be granted to those arriving before 3:00, so be sure you're in and seated early! Players can begin signing up near the event house, renting instruments at the Comic Club, and rocking out in the practice rooms immediately!

April 29 (09) - Era Battle of the Bands!


Log on Era now and see "Chedda Cheez", the Comic Club rock star, to sign your Era band up for Battle of the Bands, which will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at approximately 3 PM EST. For more information

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