User Interface

When you first log in, you'll immediately be faced with a GUI of your stats that looks like this:


About this GUI

In this GUI, you will see stats including:

  • Your HP/Max HP
  • Your Armour/Max Armour
  • The current server time
  • Ammo Clip/Ammo in reserve
  • Money

To close one of them, click the - sign next to the item you wish to close. To reopen it, click the + that took the -'s place. Or, to reorder them, click and drag the bar you wish to move and place it in the position you desire.

Message Queue

In the lower right of the screen, you'll find the Message Queue.


This is where alerts such as Event Notifications, Guild Kills/Deaths, etc will appear. You can scroll through previously displayed alerts by clicking the Up/Down arrows to the right of the text. The text will disappear after a short period of time, but clicking a scroll arrow will display your maximum set (See Commands for the Message Queue commands).


When you open your inventory (See Keys), you'll see all your weapons, items, and money displayed here.


To take an item out of your inventory, and place it on the ground or trade window/locker, Click and drag the item out of the GUI, Let go of the Q Button, and while holding the item out, press and hold the Up Arrow Key to increase the amount to drop, or Down Arrow Key to decrease the amount. When you've decided on the amount you're going to drop, move the mouse around yourself until you decide in which direction you wish to drop the item, and then let go of the mouse button.

If you decide against dropping an item, and it's already outside of the GUI, you can move the mouse far enough away from yourself that you do not appear to be dropping anything, anymore (Basically idle) and let go. You will not drop the item, and it will go back to your inventory. Alternatively, you can Hold Q and open the Inventory again, and put it back in there, but it's not 100% necessary unless you wish to be careful.Buying Items

Buying Items

When you go to a Shop, and click on an item to buy, you will be faced with a GUI that looks like this:


This GUI is pretty straight forward, but there are small things you should know about it. Clicking the X will obviously close it, but clicking the Tick will buy one of the item selected. When you have bought 1, the GUI won't close the GUI immediately. You can opt to click it again to buy a second of the selected item. You can continue to click it up to 5 times. If you wish to stop buying before you've bought 5 of the item, you can simply click the X to close it.

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