Wood Cutting

Wood Cutting:

To first get started you have to go to the lumberjack store and purchase a Wood Axe which only costs 48 dollars. The store is located to the east of the police quest, or to the west of the towing place.

Then once you get the axe you can begin your woodcutting adventure. All you have to do is walk up to any tree and use your axe on it. The tree has a life bar and you have to hit it to 0 percent. However, depending on where you hit it the tree will lose a certain amount of percent.
Black Zone-5 percent
Red Zone-10 percent
Yellow Zone-15 percent
Middle Zone-20 percent

The trees drop two different kind of logs. A Perfect Wooden Log, and just a regular Wooden log. To obtain a Perfect Wooden Log you need to hit the tree five times in the middle zone. If you miss it even one time you won't be able to get it. Believe it or not this is much harder than it seems because the tab to swing changes speeds.

Now that you have all your logs you go back to the Lumberjack store. Once at the lumberjack store all you have to do is place the log on the wood cutting machine and BOOM. It makes you a Wooden Board, or a Perfect Wooden Board (Depends on which log you drop down). You can also decide to sell your logs to the NPC store. You get paid 6 dollars for every regular log, and 24 dollars for every perfect log. All you have to do is drop your logs on the counter (the gray part) to the bottom of Jack.

All the products in the store which you can buy:
Format=ItemName-Price in Era Dollars
Wood Axe-48
Wood Polisher-19
Black Paint-28
White Paint-28
Blue Paint-28
Green Paint-28
Yellow Paint-28
Red Paint-28
At the moment the Paint doesn't have a function, however, in the future you will be able to customize your skateboards with it by making your own designs. Other uses will be also released regarding the paint.

Things which you can make:
Door Health Amplifier-2x Wooden Board, 1x Nail Pile
Used on Gang doors to increase the health on them

Wooden Crate-250x Wooden Board, 1x Wood Handle, 25x Nail Pile
Wooden crates are portable lockers (for house owners)

Boomerang-100x Perfect Wooden Board, 1x Green Paint, x1 Paint Polisher, x20 Nail Piles
What can I say about this? It's a boomerang.. It owns

Wood Plank-1x Perfect Wooden Board, 1x Nail Pile, 1 Wood Polisher
Melee weapon with a high bloodshed ratio

Nail Pile-1x Lead
Nail piles are just a stocking item

Just a warning though when you begin your woodcutting adventure. There are some groups on Era who believe in GreenPeace and might decide to attack you if they see you cutting down a tree. Therefore, be sure to run for your lives if you see one that's coming for you.

Special thanks to the Era Staff Team; Hachi most of all

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